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Have you ever tried sitting at a bar calmly having a drink, knowing your wife is at home practically naked with one of your friends and she plans on teasing, tempting, sucking and fucking the living hell out of him?

Not an easy chore. The one thing I did notice was that the bar chicks and easy prey ladies were not the least bit interesting to me. I had the ultimate hot pussied woman waiting for me at home with a well fucked and lubricated cunt and a recount of events that none of these whores could come close to matching.

It reinforced my thinking that having your wife fuck another man could be a very positive thing as long as both of you understood the intricacies. She was fucking someone else right now and I could only count the minutes until I was with her again. How could you love someone more?

This very same act, had it been done secretly and behind my back would have destroyed any feelings I had for Lisa. This type of sexual activity must be done honestly and openly with each other.

Finally, 10 pm and I'm holding my hot assed wife in a naked embrace in the warm surroundings of our bed. She's kissing me repeatedly on my mouth and forehead and neck. “Oh, baby, “ she coo's , “it was so hot, he couldn't believe what he saw when I called him into the living room. I had two drinks made, and I was lying back on the sofa with lots of leg showing and my nipples were so hard I thought they'd pop. I could hardly breathe when he came over and slipped his hand right over my pussy as he kissed me long and hard. I put on music and we danced, kissing all the time and he finger fucked me so slow, I was dripping. He nearly lost it when I stepped back and dropped the gown completely. I melted into him and dry fucked him through his pants until he couldn't stand it. He sucked my tits and I felt his big hard cock and rubbed it and kissed it through his trousers. He asked about you and I told him you'd be late, not to worry. He stripped and that monster of a cock was just standing straight up, I had to let him fuck my mouth, I loved the taste of his big prick. I sat him on the sofa and rubbed the big head of his cock in my pussy, up and down the slit and then I took it! Oh baby it was so big, he was splitting me, that big head was driving me crazy. He didn't just push it in and out, baby, he fucked me, and I didn't just go up and down, I fucked him back with every grind and hunch I could find. And when he shot his love juice into my crack, it was like liquid fire, burning, shot after hot, scorching shot. And now I want your hot cum to explode in me, fuck me baby, fuck your well fucked wife and make me cum again!”

Needless to say, I did just that! And for many weeks now, just the mention of ol' Travis hanging that monster cock his in my sweet Lisa makes for some extremely hot husband-wife fucking.

I really wouldn't mind if he stopped in occasionally and gave her some of his long-dicking but Lisa told him she'd like to cool it and to please not bug her. But you know when a woman gets a taste of huge dick, she always has that secret yearning.

This week all of us guys have been in a buzz about the upcoming Nascar race in South Carolina. We go every year and we've learned that if we don't assign certain things to certain people, we either forget something or the whole trip blows up in our face.

Travis lined up a rental van that seats 12 and since there's only 5 of us going that gives us 7 seats and plenty of room for supplies. I was surprised when Lisa piped up one night at our poker game and said she'd like go to the race too. Well, as you would expect there was no objection from Jack or Travis, in fact I think I saw both of their faces light up when she mentioned this.

It was agreed and Lisa was assigned bringing blankets as April could be funny in the south. One day warm, the next day cool or even cold. We left on Friday evening and our trip was about 500 miles. Lisa and I sat up front and I did the driving. We stopped about 10 pm that night to stretch and get coffee. When we started loading back up, Lisa said she was kind of sleepy and would it be alright if she sat in back and stretched out. I asked Travis if he wanted to switch and he said, “No way, man, I'm beat too.”

Dean got in front with me and Lisa climbed in the third seat with Travis. Of course, my mind was beginning to work. I mean, my wife has just climbed into a dark seat with a guy who's already fucked her (three times, I learned later from Lisa) but I knew there wasn't much they could do with my other buddies on board too. Some help they were. They were all snoring within about fifteen minutes. I clicked the radio off when I thought I heard soft whimpering sounds coming from the back. I could hear rustling and even a little giggling and dammit it finally just got the best of me. I pulled into a rest stop and parked in a dim area. I pulled open the van side door and Lisa was lying under a blanket looking right into my eyes. “Just wanted to get a soda,” I lied, “ you okay?”

“Uh hmmm,” she said dreamily and pulled my head down for a hot french kiss. “He's fucking me, baby," she whispered, “that big dick of his is in my pussy, is that…ok?” Her head moved up about 4 inches and I thought, “that brave mother fucker is still stroking while I'm talking to her.”

I held her head for a few minutes and gave her a long, long french kiss as I felt his rhythm in and out of my wifes cunt. I placed my hand on her hot tits and pulled back instantly as I realized his hand was already there tweaking and squeezing her hot nipples.

Suddenly, Lisa sucked my tongue into her mouth as she went completely stiff and I felt the unmistakable last shoves of his hot load being scorched into her pussy. It was the hottest kiss I've ever known

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